With the rise of convenience culture, it's gotten way too easy to avoid commitment. Everything is forgotten by the next tweet, leftward swipe or job you grab in six-month's time. Equinox wanted to rise above this rather lazy approach toward living. As a gym, they know commitment is everything. To encourage people's commitment in an interesting and provocative way, we went beyond the usual gym photography and instead focusing on commitments in life. The result was a campaign that got people talking, made national news and won some awards.  

"Commit to Something"
Role: Creative Director
Art Director: Mathieu Zarbatany (2016), Jessica Shriftman (2017)
Copywriter: Rajeev Bau (2016), Ian Hart (2017)
Photographer: Steven Klien

We launched "Commit to Something" on New Year's Day.  While most people were waking up with hangovers, we shot, edited, and released a film of the first random person to work out, first thing in the morning, on the first day of the new year — celebrating Equinox's most committed member of all.

Role: Creative Director
Copywriter: Rajeev Bau
Art Director: Mathieu Zarbatany
Director: Bob Blankemeier